Why Are School Chromebooks so Terrible?

With the new school year coming up, kids will be heading back to school with their brand new Chromebooks. But are these devices really as great as they seem? I’ve had a few of them and let me tell you- they’re not worth it.

The reason that school Chromebooks are so terrible is because they don’t have a lot of storage, the keyboards are too small and they’re not very durable. These features make it difficult to do homework on the device and makes them more likely to break than regular laptops.

“Do you have to use a school Chromebook? Do you need to take notes? Are your classes online only?” These are three questions I get asked on a daily basis. The answer is no, yes and sometimes. When it comes to Chromebooks, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what they can do and what kind of experience you’ll have with them. In this post, I’m going to tell you everything that’s wrong with school-issued laptops – from the hardware itself down to the software installed on them.

Chromebooks, an essential component of the modern classroom, are touted as a way to save money and limit distractions. But what if they’re not so great? This blog post explores how Chromebooks can be terrible for students.

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