Why Are Chromebooks Bad For Education?

Chromebooks are a great option for students, in theory. They’re lightweight and affordable with long battery life, which makes them perfect for taking notes in class or completing homework assignments on the go. But there’s a problem: Chromebooks don’t come with Microsoft Office!

The lack of this basic application means that unless your school has their own cloud-based solution, you’ll have to rely on Google Docs when it comes time to write essays or prepare presentations. This can be an issue if your school doesn’t allow outside software from sources like Dropbox because they could run into problems when uploading their work to turn it in.

With all these issues combined, is using Chromebooks at schools really worth the trade off?Chromebooks are touted as being affordable, user-friendly and secure. While these claims may be warranted for the average user, they are not ideal for students in education settings.
Chromebooks have many security flaws that can lead to outside access of personal information stored on the device. Furthermore, due to their design, Chromebooks lack several key features necessary for academic success including offline use and storage capabilities.

Chromebooks are a great option for education, but they just aren’t as effective as traditional laptops. Chromebooks may be less expensive and easier to use, but the lack of storage space and need for Wi-Fi makes them a poor choice in many cases. Read on to learn more about why you should always go with Windows or Mac OS X over ChromeOS.

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