Can School Chromebooks Watch You?

A recent article in the New York Times discusses how school Chromebooks are being used to spy on students. The article highlights a student who was expelled after she put an inappropriate video online. The school retrieved the video from her camera without her knowledge, and then showed it to other students, which led to her expulsion. This is just one example of how schools are using tech devices for spying purposes against their own students.

Schools have been turning into prisons with armed guards patrolling around while tech companies want more people under surveillance through cameras and microphones that can be accessed remotely by corporations or government agencies. I am not sure if this is what we really want our future children’s education system to look like? It seems that teachers need better training on ethical.

A question that has been going around lately is whether or not school Chromebooks can track the location of a student. The answer to this question is no, they cannot. If a student’s phone was lost and found by someone else, it would be possible for them to locate where the device last connected through GPS tracking software.

However, because Chromebooks are only using Wi-Fi connection, there is no way for them to be tracked unless they have been turned on recently in that area. This article will take you through what exactly happens when a person logs into their Google account on a school-issued Chromebook and how privacy settings can affect what information an administrator might see about your child while they’re at school.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about school Chromebooks being able to watch and track students. Some people are up in arms about this possibility, while others are saying that it’s nothing to worry about. So, what’s the truth? Can school Chromebooks watch you?

Schools are issuing Chromebooks to students, but what happens when schools can also watch the students? A new law in California will require school districts to install software that can track the online activity of students, even if they are using their personal devices for schoolwork. Some parents and educators are concerned about the invasion of privacy, while others see it as a way to ensure student safety. What do you think? Should schools be able to track student online activity?

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